Are Certain Types of Businesses Harder for Women to Break Into?

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Do you really believe that there are some businesses not meant for women? If you are reading this article then that means either you are a woman or you want to venture into some business and looking for ideas. Let’s take a look at some factors that follow.Women find it hard to break into Technology Related Industries

The most obvious types of businesses that are harder for women to break into are tech-related. Tech seems more of a boy’s club than an industry in which women can achieve equality.

The skewing seems to start at a young age, with schools encouraging boys in math and science and girls in softer subjects like liberal arts. This bias continues in high school and the trend is maintained at the college level as well, with very few women majoring in computer science or technology. An “old boy network” shuts them out still further.

To change this, parents and guardians need to encourage girls from a very young age to study tech related subjects. Parents should allow the girl child to play with tech related and sometimes ‘boys only’ toys to encourage the love of technology from this young and fluid age.

Women have to do more in Financial Corporations

In financial institutions, women seem to have to do more to prove themselves than men and to have to keep on doing it over and over again. They often work harder, for one-third lower wages, and are held to a higher standard than men. Even if they try to make a real difference, this can often be held against them.

In a recent opinion piece published in the New York Times, studied showed that if a male executive expressed their ideas freely, they got a 10% better competence rating in their annual review. By contrast, if a woman did the same, they received a 14% lower rating. If a man and woman both express the same idea, the man gets a higher performance rating, while the woman’s stays the same. It seems that the powers that be often get annoyed by a woman who has a go getter’s attitude than a man who is the same.

Women in Other Big Businesses

Studies have also shown a “motherhood penalty” and a “fatherhood bonus” exists in business. Women with children are seen as less committed to their job than men. If a man is a father, however, he is actually seen as more committed.  Factors such as the majority of childcare burden resting on the mother’s shoulders are never taken into account. Fathers are actually sent on more management training courses than single men, who in turn are sent far more often than women.


Start-ups also tend to be “old boy networks” that shut out women except for the more subordinate tasks, even though studies have shown that start-ups led by women are more likely to succeed and innovative firms with women at the head are more profitable.

New companies with more gender diversity have more revenue, customers, market share and profits. This demonstrates that while there is still a glass ceiling in some businesses, there is also room for women to bring their skills and talents to play. In this way, they can build stronger companies by daring to be entrepreneurial and to support each other with an “old girl network” that can open more doors for women.

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